Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Halloween Ideas are Due!

On Friday, we are featuring YOUR Halloween ideas. We have gotten a few but would still LOVE to see more. E-mail us or leave a comment today with your direct link.

Halloween Party Ideas

Planning a Halloween Party this year, or just want some fun ideas to do with your family or child's school class. Here are some fun ideas we found.


Bat Invitation-HERE


Darling Mummy Invitation Here


Mummy Bowling
A new twist on an old favorite

Crystal Ball Bowl
Fortune-telling is all the more fun with this bowl of mystery at hand. Write several fortunes so each guest can take one home.
Crystal Ball and Mummy Bowling-HERE

Witch's Hat Ring Toss
Take 2 or more witches hats and place a challenging distance from the throw line. Kids try to toss the most rings on the hats. Several variations and game options.
Witches Hat Here

Pass the Pumpkin
This game is a variation on "hot potato". Seat the kids on the floor in a circle. Give them a small pumpkin to pass around. Play Halloween party music as they pass the pumpkin, and periodically stop the music. Whoever is holding the pumpkin is out. The game continues until one person is left with the pumpkin.

Halloween Freeze Dance
Play Halloween party music or creepy sound effects and tell the children to dance. When you turn off the music, they all need to freeze. Whoever is caught moving during the freeze is out of the game. The last person dancing, wins.

Wrap the Mummy
Divide the children into groups of three to five kids. Select one child in each group to be a mummy. Then give the other children a roll of toilet paper or crepe paper. Instruct them to wrap the mummy with the paper, leaving the eyes, nose and mouth uncovered. The first group to be done with their roll of paper, wins.

Click Here to Go to Free Printables


Spider Pop-HERE

Mummy Craft HERE
Haunted Tree HERE

Party Snacks

I just LOVE the Boo-ffet!!

Halloween Boo-ffet HERE

Skull Treat Cup HERE

Homemade Root Beer-HERE

Party Favors

Here is the link.

Link to Goody Cone

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Goody Crate!

Somewhat Simple made these General Conference Goody crates! I think they are so cute! They would be fun for your kids or friends!

Cute & Easy Kids Halloween Costumes

Here are some of our favorite DIY costume ideas, or you can just buy them too. :) Have fun dressing up your little ones this Halloween.

How Cute is this little Sock Monkey?
Here is the link.

I seriously love this darling lamb costume.
Here is the link to the lamb.

I have seen so many versions of this costume. I think the original idea came from Martha Stewart. It is an adorable classic.
Here is the link.

If you have a boy, you may already have everything needed to be Clark Kent. Boys love Super Heroes and this one will not break the bank.
Here is the link to Clark Kent.

I fell in love with this picture and it is the inspiration for my 3 kids costumes this year. I am so excited. Can't wait to be Punk Rock Stars!

Here is the link to punk rocker.

We Saved the Best for Last.
Seriously! Aren't these the cutest ever! We found them at the TuTu Fairy!! She is so talented!! Who knew you could do this all with tulle?!

On Friday we are featuring YOUR Halloween ideas. Let us know what you have done that you would like us to feature. We look at your blogs and know that you have lots of cute stuff!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Halloween Food

Festive Food makes any occasion more fun.
Halloween offers endless creative possibilities. Here are some of our favorite Halloween recipes.
Get in the kitchen and have some fun!

Spooky Eyeball Tacos

I always make a Halloween Themed Meal. These tacos are really cute and easy. I love that.

Boo Cups
These look so fun, easy and yummy.
Boo Cups from Kraft

Bugs in a Blanket
My sister-in-law made these one year for Halloween. They were so fun. The kids loved them. She used chow mein noodles in place of the shoe string potatoes.
Marshmallow Mummies
I just think these are so adorable.

RIP Banana & PB&J Sandwiches
Wouldn't you be the coolest mom if you made these for lunch! So easy to do and I bet you already have everything on hand to make them! What a cute idea for your kids!

Peanutty Halloween Cookie Pizza
Who doesn't love pizza! What a festive way to share a Halloween treat!

Thanks, Pillsbury!

Harvest Snack
Mix from Taste of Home! I love this beacause it looks so quick and easy! Perfect for any party!

Ghost Pancakes
I have made these many times for my kids. They love them and I love that they are so quick and easy.

HERE is the link to Ghost Pancakes.

Dipped Rice Krispie Sticks
How cute are these. I love the twist on the classic rice krispie treat.
And I am thinking that these would be awesome for any occasion.

Here is link to Dipped Rice Krispie Treats

Witches Hats
These are just too fun. They look pretty involved, but are super cute.

Here to witches hats.

Mummy Dogs
What kids would not love these? I have made these for Halloween before and they and easy and a favorite for all ages.

Here to mummies.

Bone Chillin' Breadsticks
Looking at these make me hungry! I am going to have to try these this year.

Here to Bone Breadsticks.

Pumpkin Face Bean Dip

How easy is this? I already have a bean dip recipe I love. Just add the chips and the olives and you have a festive and yummy appetizer.

HERE to pumpkin face bean dip.